Alfabeti Onlus

Logo Redesign

Alfabeti Onlus is an italian community school active since 1995
that helps immigrants to learn the language in a spirit
of integration, openness and support.

I helped them redesign their logo for a fresher and more modern look.

The process

Looking at the original logo, I immediately recognized two distinctive elements:

Rainbow gradient

It presents the whole color spectrum, symbol of a meeting of cultures.

Iconographic symbols

They recall the primordial cave paintings, the original form of communication.

The gradient provides the sense of diversity, one of the main assets of Alfabeti’s identity.
My aim was to preserve this asset, but in a more clean vest.

So, I started from the original gradient

and turned it into a flat colors palette

Next, I focused on the iconographic power of the original logo;
I wanted to turn the various symbols into a strong, single mark that could communicate easily the ideas of knowledge and language.

The new mark had to be composed by two main elements:

The Alpha, origin of all things, first letter of the greek alphabet.

The book, vehicle of knowledge and thought.

The result:

Rejected versions