O'LOW Apparel

Personal Project

O’LOW Design, a pretty serious brand

In winter 2015 I decided it could be a good time for me to invest some energy (and money) to create my own line of t-shirts with original graphics.

I adapted some old designs I had and created some new ones from scratch.

Do it yourself!

I selected three designs to start with and produced them.
It was time for some shooting and promotion.

I didn’t have any budget left for a photographer or models,
but nowadays cellphones and friends can do the trick.

A serious social media plan

Obviously, social media play a big role in promoting small brands.

Uploading fresh content on Facebook and Instagram
helped me to engage potential customers with a smile.

UGC anyone?

When business started rolling it was obviously a big satisfaction.

But the biggest pleasure was to see people having fun and taking photos
with my t-shirts on. I couldn’t expect this kind of response and it was delightful.

Today the O’LOW Design as a t-shirts brand is on hold.

For now, what lasts are the good memories and the brand’s motto:

No matter how high you go, always stay low.